Saturday, 9 December 2006

Missed me?

I'm back!

Apparently, there have been regular readers from within the Big E. At least one for about a year.

Well, you could have told me. That's what the comments sections are for. I appreciate feedback you know.

My GP is referring patients to charities as Psychological Services are closed to new patients. I'm not covered by Gamblers Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Relate or Cruse. Wolverhampton doesn't get many higher functioning depressives with obsessive compulsive thought disorders and severe drug allergies.

Even with the depression, the RSI, the phobias, the OCD, the allergies and the dyslexia, I have been turned down by the DWP for Disability Living Allowance as I'm not disabled enough. Right.

At my quarterly psychiatric appointment, after I had told yet another doctor my tale of woe, she told me that there were a number of drugs I could take. I wasn't just limited to one sub standard antidepressant...

I interrupted her and told her that I was the one allergic to Prozac.

She flipped through the notes and then quietened down. Ah yes, she said. Well, the Mental Health Services are a 'phone call away (during office hours). Thanks, I said. I'll bear that in mind.

This is the mental health trust that was so good at its job that a care worker didn't realise for a year that a dangerous schizophrenic was her responsibility until a week before he killed his elderly next door neighbour. I'm in good hands. You can tell.

At my last EAP counselling session, my counsellor and I "wrapped up". He's been very supportive over the time that I've known him and he gave me a little list of websites I can look up if I ever earn enough money to pay for private counselling sessions.

As I guess I'm not sick enough for the NHS, I suspect that seeing someone privately will be the only way to go. Until I earn enough to pay £45 - £50 per session, I'm on my own.

Anyway, the day I left the Big E, I dug out a copy of my cv and went to the copy shop to get extra copies. I then went around every employment agency I thought could help find me a job.

I got a job three days later doing data entry for a market research company. £5.95 per hour, but it ekes the savings out for a while. By the end of each day, my mouse clicking finger would take hours to warm up afterwards.

They liked me so much, that I got another job with them stuffing high value envelopes. I might get a bit more work from them next week. Oh goody.

5000 envelopes each filled with 3 books of 1st class stamps. That's £48,000 worth of stamps. I really want to do that again. Not.

I've had an interview with a local supermarket about night work which finishes 6am Christmas Eve.

I've got an interview next Monday for a Chromatographer position at a local company which investigates food content and I'm still in the running for a couple of jobs I've applied for at a local water supply company, a local bus company and a world renowned aluminium production conglomerate.

I've not been idle. The way the break with the Big E works out, I should be able to eke my savings out across 5 or 6 months before things get desperate. Hopefully, I should be able to find a job before then. Hopefully.