Friday, 5 January 2007

Same old same old

I contacted AXA. The Big E is no longer part of the Civil Service. This was fine - although we should have said something last December - we could get away with that until the Big E changed from the Home Office Pay Service (pens, carbon paper and maybe getting it right most of the time) to a new, privately contracted, pay roll service (bright, fast, computerised, efficient!).

The AXA money has been deducted from my wages (£200) and can't go to the AXA Civil Service Save From Pay Scheme via the existing Civil Service payment arrangement because the bright, new, efficient, payroll service is not a part of the Civil Service. So the bright, shiny, new, efficient payroller has taken my money and only it knows where it is. Terrific.

I gave AXA the number for the Big E HR bunch and I'm going to let them sort it out amongst themselves. I've also asked them for a surrender value for the money paid into the scheme so far. I've paid £1800. The surrender value will be considerably less, but no, said the Bristolian with the ooh-aar accent, he couldn't give me any figures over the 'phone. Great.

I am knackered. With Dad up for Christmas I couldn't fill in all the application forms that I had. There are three jobs I've lost out on because I couldn't get the forms filled in on time. I've fillled in two both with deadlines for today. I posted one yesterday (after staying up until 03:00 to finish it) and I hand delivered one this morning to the local council offices after staying up until 02:00 this morning. I'm going to bed early tonight!

The work is horrible. I'm processing envelopes with little electronic tracking gidgets in them. All the data has to be entered onto a database using the keyboard and a barcode scanner. Pick up, put down, pick up, throw into box, count the batch numbers, remember there's 50 to a batch, when was the envelope sent, what size, what postage, when did it arrive, how was it addressed, was it addressed correctly ... we're supposed to manage about 100 per hour. My lack of sleep is really slowing me down on that score.