Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Same old, same old

Well that was a non-starter. The weather was atrocious. It was fine during the morning and started chucking it down in the afternoon just as I was going out the door.

That's £15.50 wasted on a decent hair do and I spent another £15 at Rackhams on a new umbrella as the old one blew inside out, the fabric unpinged from the spokes and the spokes fell apart. Bits of the broken spokes were swinging down underneath the umbrella and getting painfully caught in my windblown hair.

It wasn't even an interview. It was a test and sift exercise. If the candidates passed that one then there was a second session on another date and then, maybe, a panelled interview. There were about 60 people there including a few familiar faces from The Big E.

I've got a letter this morning stating that as the candidate level was so high, I didn't get through to the further test exercise. I rang the given number for feedback and was told that I'd be called back later.

Later, as I was having a shower and washing my hair I got a 'phone call. I answered the 'phone not even wearing a towel (non pretty) and was told exactly what the letter stated.

The candidate level was extremely high. I've got to keep plugging on. Keep smiling (!). I had lots to offer a prospective employer. It's extremely tough changing careers these days. The lady told me that she spent 20 years in retail and it took years for her to get a job in recruitment.

Unfortunately, I don't have years. I have months. I was crying when I put the phone down. Again.