Saturday, 10 February 2007

The interview came and went and went ok. Ish. Sort of.

I decided to save a bit of money and went by bus. Bad idea. I arrived 20 minutes late.

The interview was very infomal and chatty. I told him how long it took to get there (thereby telling him how hard it would be to get to work), told him that I didn't like the sales department and why (disloyally slagging off my current employer) and told him that I was interested in a part time evening role (telling him that he'd have to go through the hiring process again if the role went full time).

It was only afterwards, when I gave myself and the interview the post mortem treatment, that it dawned on me that I had effectively talked my way out of the job. I really don't think I'm going to hear from him. Do you?

I was embarrassed to be provisionally offered the role of Administration Assistant by the Office Manager. It's there if I want it at £12,800 pa. My God, they must be desperate if they're offering me the job after less than two weeks.

Let me see. Although it's more money than I'm currently on, the job is hard to get to. The next door neighbours are a field of cows. There is no hours flexibility, no real career progression and if I took it permanently there would be no time to take on another part time job to make up the £5k pa that I need to pay the bills and feed myself. Thanks but no thanks.

With the money I'm currently on, I can afford to remain unemployed until the end of May possibly June receiving my first pay slip at the end of June or July.

I'll just have to hold my nerve until I get the right money.

The snow was a nightmare. It started snowing on Wednesday night. The forecasters had got it right and the gritters were out night and day making sure the roads were passable. Then the forecasters got it wrong.

People went to work on Friday and instead of thawing, the snow got worse. Everyone hit the roads at the same time trying to get home before it got too bad thereby blocking access to the gritters who were stuck in the traffic jams with every other lemming.

Work was dead slow. There were two sales sites open.


Who'd visit a building site in this weather. There were no Customer Enquiry sheets, no papers to file, no files to archive - nothing. I even ended up in a windowless room, supercooled for the computer server doing the filing for another section. Oh joy.

I took yesterday off. I was feeling really down after Tuesday and the walking boots I'd worn on Thursday had really cut into my ankles and left bruises. You can imagine the fun and games if I'd tried to walk through the frozen snow. I'm still limping after Thursday.

I've applied for a Finance Assistant role for a local council and a Receptionist position for a local bus company.

The Finance Assistant job could get me part time AAT training. Let's face it, finance and accounting are where the money's at. Gimme! The Receptionist job has free travel. Not a bad perk.

I've been floundering around So have Bloggorah. Some of the stuff on youtube is completely irrelevant. Some of it is dead funny. I still think this is a brilliant bit of telly. With the Terry Wogan intro - of course.

I've got a load of application forms to get through and stuff to do so I'm off until next week. See you soon.