Saturday, 24 March 2007

Music is my first love..............

The assessment went well. The place is outside Dudley on the way to West Bromwich. There's a Toby Carvery and a 24 hour Tesco superstore close by and the work is mindbendingly boring again.

During the day they scan documents for customers and during the night they trawl through the queries the computer throws up. Basically, the job entails deciphering bad handwriting and educating the system about how that 6 could be a 0 or that 7 is actually a 1. I had it sussed within a few minutes. I was then told that the work started at 8pm that evening - "for training purposes".

I went to HSBC and asked about varying the terms of the loan. No deal. If I had borrowed over £15,000, then we could have talked about extending the repayment term, but as I had "only" borrowed £7,000 there was no chance. Even if the extended term meant more interest for them in the long run.

Then I went home to bed just in case I got the job. I got a call from Brook Street wanting to know the state of play. Then I called Reed who told me that I'd know when they knew. Then I nodded off.

After 5pm, I called Reed again who, after telling me they were just about to call me, told me that I was impressive but not that impressive. I'm on the client's reserve list. I can be called 12 hours beforehand and expected to start that evening.

I called Brook Street and told them that I'd be starting with them on Tuesday, if the position was still open. It was, so I did.

I stayed up late on Tuesday night to finish an application form and only went to bed at 4am Wednesday morning. I was bouncing off the shelved files all the following day.

Thursday, I got a call from someone I had previously applied to and was told that I had an interview. On Friday 30th March. I still haven't received written confirmation from them and my paranoid little mind is now wondering if they've had second thoughts and they aren't interested anymore.

Saga 105.7FM is now called Smooth. I really don't like the new format. The news isn't broadcast regularly and the music is frankly too MOR for my taste. Saga played hits from the 50s and 60s mainly and some from the 70s. I like that kind of music with the some great presenters keeping their news and view topical. But no more. Two of my favourite presenters are off and the format is too bland for my taste.

At the warehouse, there are two radios one set to Virgin 1215AM and one to Beacon 97.2FM. They both play similar types of music but the Beacon reception is better at home. Throughout the day, however, the playlist is repeated over and over again. Patience, Fix You, Chasing Cars, How to Save A Life, The Day we Caught the Train, Grace Kelly, Rehab, Ruby, Piece of my Heart and on and on and on. At least I like the music.

I like the music on Kerrang but they're hardly up on the news and current affairs.

Heart is too eighties and bubblegum pop.

BRMB is barely okay, but they don't play too much music, the presenters are idiots and there is too much by way of chat, phone-ins and competitions.

Although I like news and current affairs, Radio 4 is too much talk - I like a musical soundtrack I can hum along to and keep time with.

Radio 3 and Classic FM are too, well, classical.

Radio 2 is frankly weird. The music is okay but its choice of presenters lets it down and again there's too much talk.

Radio 1 is too r 'n' b as is Galaxy.

BBC WM is nearly all talk, has Les Ross and is obsessed with the local football teams. Beacon plays local matches live as well and it runs 090 type telephone competitions.

107.7 The Wolf is local but, again, there is the football thing (Wolves) and the local thing. There's local - West Midlands region and then there's local - and frankly The Wolf is a tad too "League of Gentlemen" meets "Smashy and Nicey" for my taste. They're based in the Mander shopping centre and the weather is broadcast along the lines of "The temperature at the top of the Mander Centre is 7C". Um, fellas, there is a world beyond the Ring Road, you know.

So it has to be mainly Beacon for now. The morning shows seem to be okay, I like the music (even if it is repetitive) and the news, weather and travel is up to date.