Saturday, 10 March 2007

Here I go again

I was offered the job of General Office Assistant. I provisionally accepted it on Thursday and was called Thursday evening by one of the recruitment "consultants" on Thursday evening.

We agreed that the job was wrong for me. However, the office needed someone who could take on the job permanently as there were computer logins which I didn't have for the AS400 system which was limiting the work I could do. We also agreed that one of the first things that I'd do was leave as soon as I was offered a job with more money. So I agreed to leave. I'd give a weeks notice so they could hire someone else (a girl was interviewed last week).

The following day, the consultant rang the office manager. The office manager and I "had a word". I told her that I had changed my mind, it was silly to accept the position when I was going to leave asap. I was doing my best, but the job was boring and I was sleepwalking through it. It was wrong to send me when the agency knew the office was looking for permanent staff and I was happy to give a weeks notice so that they had time to get someone else in.

She agreed. The extra bits of the job that I wasn't doing weren't much of an added challenge and I was told that my term was ending "today". Which was a bit of a shock. I said so. She said that she didn't want me dragging myself out to a job that I was sleepwalking through and hating it so it was for the best. She'd discussed it with the agency and they were confident they could find other work for me. She appreciated the work I'd done, I would get good references and she wished me all the best. All done within 10 minutes.

The office was told, when the new Sales Director (Bob) rang up from one of the sites she was told and I set about clearing my in trays and saying goodbye to people. I left a couple of notes pinned to the kitchen notice boards and sent e-mails to IT and Reception asking them to delete me from address books and telephone lists. There had been talk of putting me in the staff register.

I was given a lift into town by the sales manager and that was it. I was unemployed.

I'm unemployed again.

During the day, I rang the agencies and told them I'd be available for work from Monday morning. They had better be as successful as they are confident.

I'm starting to lose mine. Confidence that is. I'm looking at part time night and evening positions for security and cleaning just for the money.