Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Well there's good news and there's bad news

The bad news is that I've hurt my ankle falling into a pothole on my way to the paper bank. This wouldn't be a tragedy if I had a normal office job. However, as I'm trawling the aisles of a warehouse full of file stuffed shelves the ability to walk is a requirement of the job.

I had to hobble home on Sunday afternoon and rest my ankle. Whilst lying on the bed, my Dad called. One of his two surviving sisters had died at about 4am that morning. He was upset. The poor cow has had a rotten life. One son dead in his twenties the other a pathetic alcoholic drug addict and her alcoholic waster of a husband died a couple of years back from smoking. Her death? Entirely self inflicted - lung cancer.

This means that at some stage I'll be called down to London for the funeral. Money will be extremely tight and Dad will insist on paying for stuff even though he has virtually none of his own. He's crippled with back pain and half blind. He can't work and earn the money he's used to and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency has still to pay any compensation for the injuries inflicted on him last year.

Of course he won't claim benefits or allowances being too stubborn or proud or just refusing to admit that there's anything wrong with him. He's permanently skint and he still manages regular trips to the pub to get blasted with "a couple of pints". After Christmas in The Kerryman, I know what "a couple of pints" looks like.

The house will be even more squalid than the last time I went down and the social services even more unresponsive than before. I'll be the one who gets to call the council regarding the recalculation of the fair rent for the Stinky Old Bat who is a sitting tenant and won't leave even though she won't wash or allow the "home helps" to help her.

It also means that I can't work this week (ankle), I can't look for other work until the end of next week which will then be the start of Easter. So that means three full weeks without work and, therefore, money. Brilliant.

On the plus side. I won two tickets to the cinema from a Beacon 97.2FM radio quiz and I have an interview. It's on Friday in Coventry City Centre and I've been using my "free time" this week to research and prepare.

I've got to get this job.