Monday, 16 April 2007

I don't like Mondays

I rang the bunch in Coventry. There were three Gingers listed in their system. One in Coventry and two in Wolverhampton. I gave the girl my details and asked where the letters to me have been sent. She said she'd call me back later.

Scarily, it took her over an hour to get back to me and tell me that my details have been entered twice. Once correctly (house number 82) and once incorrectly (house number 32). Guess where the letters have been sent?

She told me that, unfortunately, I hadn't been selected for the position and that a letter would be sent to me soon. She had updated the system and there was now only one address for me.

Great. Like you'll really need it now, won't you?

I spent the day pottering. I've done a load of washing after the trip down to London for Easter, done a bit of shopping and dyed my eyebrows and eyelashes. The lashes look good (jet black), but the eyebrows have come out overcooked and dark brown again. I really really need to be more careful rinsing the dye out.

I'm hirsute. Not quite the Wolf Woman of Wolverhampton but getting quite close. The hair on my face is very thick aroung my mouth and chin and I have to shave. I'm allergic to thioglycolate hair remover (Veet, Nair and shops own brands) and wax is not only painful, it needs repeat applications (my thick hair is so deeply rooted) thereby shredding my eczemous skin and I'm allergic to the wax formulations as well.

My hair is very fast growing. I didn't appreciate just how fast until I left the Big E. Whilst working at the Big E, I was stressed. So stressed that my hair growth was affected. As I didn't have any bald patches, I didn't realise just how badly the stress affected me. I was shaving once every other day, going to the hairdresser every other month and the 30 day eyelash dye just about 'did' for 30 days.

Now I've left the Big E, my hair is growing 'normally'. This sounds like a good thing. However, a trip to the hairdressers every month is getting expensive and the 30 day eyelash dye lasts about a fortnight before the roots become obvious and need to be redone.

I'm shaving every evening and morning and the ingrown hairs are starting to really piss me off. I'm plucking odd hairs from my eyebrows every night just to stay on top of things and can spend up to half an hour every other week trying to pluck the fine long eyelashes out of the corners of my eyes so that I'm not constantly rubbing my eyes.

That's right. You read that correctly. I pluck my eyelashes. Great. Oh, to be normal.