Saturday, 7 April 2007

I'm back!

The journey down was horrible. There was a small baby travelling with us who cried almost non-stop for about 3 hours. It was like sharing the bus with a referee's whistle.

Once I got to the Bush, I went to the Post Office to photocopy the accounts for my Uncle before I posted them off. The Post Office didn't have a photocopier. They directed me to the library (closed it was Easter Saturday) or the Snappy Snaps photo shop (nope photos only).

I then had to trawl around the Bush Green looking in all the Internet cafes until I found one with a photocopier. I then had to troll back to the Post Office on the other side of the Green to post the package.

The weather was warm and sunny and I was sweating when I arrived at home. It stank.

It was a filthy and as squalid as I thought it would be. The upstairs bathroom hasn't been used and the dust needed to be washed away. The upstairs toilet is a biohazard area what with commodes and colostomy bags and a doddering old blind woman. There are hairy beetle larvae crawling through the carpet and a liberal coat of cat and little old lady hair covering everything.

The downstairs where Dad "lives" was smelly and miserable. The constant fry ups and no ventilation have taken their toll and the dust is glued to surfaces all over the place.

The vacuum cleaner is a Numatic Henry. It was meant for industrial use and it should be good but it was choked with hair. There was no one blockage just and accumulation of cat hair and filth. I had to wash out the hose, pipes and filter. I replaced the bag and left the filter and hose out on the washing line to dry.