Wednesday, 4 April 2007

I'm busy even though I'm not working

I've 'done' my uncle's accounts for this year. I'm only 5p out! 5p!!

That's almost accurate.

I've been £50 out before now and the accounts have been still accepted by the Public Guardianship Office. I suspect it's because the discrepancies have all been in his favour. If I submitted an account log that was £50 out the other way I suspect that I'd hear bad things from the PGO.

I've got to get to the library, have interviews with two more agencies (Extra and Pertemps) and get the accounts photocopied and posted. All by close of business tomorrow.

The day after is Good Friday when half the city is shut. No Post Office, no copy shops, no prospect of getting extra work, nuttin.

I really don't expect to get everything done though.