Friday, 20 April 2007

So that's where I went wrong

I got the letter from the Coventry bunch. The letter gave me a number to call and I rang yesterday lunchtime. The lady was too busy to come to the 'phone (what with them being understaffed and all), could she ring me back first thing tomorrow? Okay.

She 'phoned. The job finally went to someone already working within the industry. But it wasn't a foregone conclusion. Everyone had had a fair crack of the whip, but no one else had the depth or breadth of knowledge that the successful candidate had. What a surprise.

She went through the specific questions and my answers and gave me an overall impression. Some answers were exceptional (cash handling (Woolworths, Co-op, Peter Jones, Tesco and receivership), can I do tedious and repetitive work (I worked for the Big E), disability and equal opportunities (first hand knowledge)), most, however, were middling.

I had a weird tendency to babble on. Instead of just answering the question, I seemed almost compelled to keep going and go into too much detail. Pausing to let the question sink in is okay. I don't have to treat the end of each question as if I'd just heard a starting pistol and needed to get away as quickly as I could. Thinking about the answers before opening my mouth was a good thing.

But what was "very apparent" was my lack of contact with the general public. Well, yes. Cloistered away for 9 years, I did have very little contact with any normal members of the public. That was the kiss of death as far as the Coventry bunch were concerned.

I appeared confident (wow, appearances can be deceptive) and my attitude and dress was entirely appropriate for someone applying for a job at that level. She wished me luck.

I need it.

Having spent more than 20 minutes away from my work station, I tried to make up for it by working as hard as I could. However, the computers weren't in any hurry. I got some solemn looks from the supervisor.

However, I'm hired for next week and I can have Tuesday off to go to the dentist. I should have thought ahead and got a doctor's appointment for the same day.