Wednesday, 16 May 2007

All these opportunities, so little time to turn them down

I've been temping from November 2006, so that means I've been eking out my savings for the best part of 6 months. I must have found something to do by this time? I just can't afford to be picky.

Any reader thinking that is absolutely right - just look at the offers I've been getting. And I've turned them down even. What was I thinking?

We have found your resume at Monster and we would like to offer you a job.

It is a part-time job that consists of receiving payments from customers (through bank transfers) and then making further payments to our main office or to one of our regional affiliated departments, depending on the customer's location.

Your commission as an agent is 6% of each transaction. For example, if you receive 2000 pounds to your bank account, you will withdraw the money and keep 120 pounds for yourself. The salary is commission based only and you will earn approximately 12000 pounds per year.

The hours for this work are flexible and can be combined with any permanent or other part-time job, with an average workload of up to 10 hours a week.

All additional money transfer fees and money transfer-related charges are covered and paid for by our company. Therefore, you will only be responsible for making the proper payments in time ( i.e. within 48 hrs of successful receipt into your account).

Each transaction will be transferred only after prior notification, which will sometimes be a notification by phone call. Please note that you can work from home but this job cannot be done online, you need physically withdraw/send money from nearest branches.

Our company's principal business is based on a peer-to-peer type payment network, this business model heavily employs all the latest internet technologies. We are one of only a few companies that use regional representatives in its business operations. This avoids high foreign taxation and cross-board acquisition fees.

If you are interested in our offer, please feel free to ask for details of the general provisions of the contract.

Best regards,Nicole Ott

or this, which arrived in my hotmail account



TICKET NUMBER:022-111-009

Attention Sir/Madam, We happily announce to you the English Email Award draw held in the UK on 17thof May,2007.

Your e-mail address attached to the lucky winning numbersbelow:23, 29, 39, 49, 51, which subsequently won you the lottery bonus drawer.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of $2,500,000(Two million and five hundred thousand dollars).

To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent via the email: You are to provide him with the information's below via email(
3.Marital Status:
8.Country Of Residence:
9.Telephone Number:
10.Fax Number:
11.Draw Number above: description:
13.Annual Income:
14.Date of Draw:

Congratulations. Sincerely freeman Johnson

I don't know, I'm just not sure.

What do you think?