Saturday, 19 May 2007

By George, I think I might be onto something! I hope.

Well what did I say about Eurovision? Well? I said we were doomed. That's what I said. That's what I said. You know I said it.

Well, enough said.

In a bid to save money, I read the small print for the gym membership cancellation. I tied myself in for a 12 month deal. After 12 months I was free to cancel. 12 months is this month, so I should be able to cancel the direct debit this month.

But I have to cancel in person and in writing, one month in advance. So if I give notice during May, I still have to pay the June membership fee. That's £28.95. Oh, well. I signed up to it, I have to abide by it.

My washing machine is on the blink as well. I had to have a repair done after the rubber band slipped off the motor. Then the seal came away from the front door and ever since it was repaired again it's been making an awful clattering noise when it goes into the spin cycle.

I've been slowing down the cycle and letting the tumble drier take the strain but now, at 400 rpm it makes a hellish noise. I pulled it out to take the back off it and see if anything was interfering with the drum and found a large pile of cement dust. The concrete blocks which prevent the machine dancing round the kitchen are out of alignment and have been knocking against the carcass of the machine.

I won. Nope not the ENGLISH PRIZE DARW but a real competition that I actually entered. I win a months free tram travel. Yep. It saved me £44 for the next 4 weeks so I'm not complaining.

It was sent by Special Delivery. Which I wasn't there to sign for. So I have to hoof it up to Heath Town to the Sun Street mail sorting office to pick it up. That's like being asked to travel out to Brixton to pick up your mail. Opening times are 06:30 to 19:30 weekdays so I must be able to avoid the crackheads at some stage.

I earned a few brownie points with my supervisor. I told her I needed a day off to go to the doctor on Monday (a routine follow-up after the nasal swabs) and she asked me if I could change that day off as there were so many people off next week.

So I did. I changed my doctor's appointment for June 1st and organised the washing machine repair man to show up the same day. He told me not to use the machine until then. I'll do my best, but that's over 2 weeks away. The only launderette is a looooong bus ride across town.

The supervisor was happy with that and gave me a big smile. Just as well. On Thursday I received good news.

I've got a job interview.

For next Friday.

When I was down in London, I bought the local paper and saw a job being advertised. £22k pa. That's enough money to pay the Wolverhampton bills, live with Dad, look after the house and pay my share of the bills down in London. I could travel up to Wolverhampton now and again and check the house is still standing. It would be hard work but it could get me the general experience I need. I just need to brush up on GCSE, A Level and vocational sciences.

Wish me luck.