Saturday, 12 May 2007


The Bank Holiday was a washout. What I thought was a cold (on top of my hayfever) turned out to be a more serious bacterial infection of my sinuses. I realised this on Monday (the Bank Holiday) when I was stuck with some very strange snot (sorry) and extreme pain on breathing. If I blew my nose it felt as if I was drowning and if I did blow my nose it felt as if the air was on fire when I inhaled.

This has happened before. It's no fun. With the hayfever causing my sinuses to become inflamed and warm and moist, all it takes is one little buggy to settle down and start breeding in there. Most of the time the snot (again, sorry) is blown out and the bugs don't get to take a hold, however, occasionally they do and boy, don't they love it?

I got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. He stuck a spatula up my nose, twisted it sideways and, after shining a torch up my left and right nostrils in turn, took a very painful swab before prescribing antibiotics. Strong ones.

I went back to the warehouse on Thursday. This, of course, means that I only got two days work done so I'll get about £60 next week. Brilliant.

And I've got to go back for the result of the swabs and a check up. More time off work, even better.

While I'm sitting here in the library, look what I'm missing, just look at what I'm depriving myself of

Sound Bath with Gong and Singing Bowls
A special 2 hour workshop with Tracey Mills
Gentle and deeply relaxing sound bath in the beautiful setting of Bantock House and gardens. No effort required - just lie down and allow yourself to be bathed in the rich and nurturing sound of the gong and singing bowls.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring 2 blankets or shawls.
COST : £10
Saturday 12th May 12 - 2pm
Bantock House (Performance Space), Finchfield Road, Wolverhampton
Refreshments available from Bantock House cafe.

So, that's a £10 charge to sit in a garden and listen to a gong being banged. And bring your own blankets. In this weather?

It's also the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest Finals. Having heard Scooch and heard about them, I think I can safely say we're doomed.