Tuesday, 8 May 2007

One more thing I hate about modern life

Scented panty liners anyone?

Some Einstein has decided that we really really need scented sanitary wear.

I bought what I thought was my usual brand of panty liners and only when I got them home did I realise that the little flower logo by the Alldays brand name signified scent.

I took it back to Sainsbury's where I bought it and swapped it for Carefree brand. I don't usually buy it but had to swap for it as the Sainsbury's own brand and my usual liners had run out.

I have since found out the hard way that these too were scented. Two liners later and I was walking funny. Have I mentioned that I react to artificial perfumes?

I've had to throw an opened but nearly full and expensive Carefree box away and pitch up at Boots looking for thrush treatment and yet another box of unscented liners.

Boots usually stock my normal Allways brand but no. There was a special offer on and the shelf was empty. There were, however, any number of scented liners.

Take the hint fellas. If something isn't selling there tends to be a good reason why.

And for the bastard who thought of scented panty liners, just stand against a wall and wait to be shot please.

Thank you.