Saturday, 23 June 2007

Gosh! It's all going WRONG!

Well. What can I tell you?

The data entry position at the West Bromwich warehouse finished very abruptly. I got a call last Tuesday morning telling me not to bother going in again. The work is there, but the money to fund the temps isn't.

I went up to the college, reprinted my cv and applied for a couple of jobs on the web site before visiting CareerProspects, Reed, Brook Street and registering with Tudor in Walsall.

I've applied for a night shift position at Sainsbury's which I doubt I'll hear from and a part time evening position at a new Tesco that's opening up in Willenhall.

There was an open weekend in Wednesbury for the Tesco recruitment drive. I got lost. When we got there, we were given a short PowerPoint presentation by the prospective management team, shown a video and had a quick question and answer session before being queued past the table with the application forms and shown out the emergency exit.

The Willenhall superstore is still being built. There have been two major arson attacks on it so far (what, the minor ones don't count?) but the management team were remaining resolutely upbeat. I filled in the form and corrected the spelling mistakes along the way. There are two 'b's and one 'r' in Caribbean, not two 'r's and one 'b'. C a r i b b e a n not carribean.

Well, if that doesn't prove my attention to detail, nothing will.

I've applied to Severn Trent for a position as a Waste Water Analyst, I've applied to the Tipton & Coseley Building Society for a Saturday morning position and to Laura Ashley who are opening a new store in Bentley Bridge.

I rang Reed Scientific and they told how to write a new "science oriented" cv. I sent it off to them. They'll let me know as soon as Luana gets back from her holiday. Luana lives in Wolverhampton and works in Birmingham, she knows the area best. I'm not holding my breath.

I've had to shut down my mini cash ISA - the last £600 goes into my current account next Tuesday and I've written off for and printed a cracking load of application forms for everything from a Library Assistant in a college to Customer Service Advisor for a social housing company.

I'm trying to wring as much value as I can out of the college facilities before they close for the summer. I've got about two weeks left. The printouts are cheaper at 6p an A4 page instead of 10p a page here at the local library.

Fear of losing my house is causing this very productive outburst as is the fact that now I'm not working full time (ha, I'm not working at all) I have the time to ramp up my job application output.

I spent most of last week with a grand total of £4 in both current acounts (Nationwide for bills and HSBC for general) counting on yesterday's pay and next Friday's pay to see me out of June. Fat chance. Next Friday's pay will consist of less than £50.

To try and get a bit more mobile, I went to Birmingham city centre on Wednesday to change my tram card (£44) for a Birmingham and Black Country Faresaver (£42.50). I went to the Centro office at New Street Station and was told to go to the Travel West Midlands office in the Pavilions shopping centre.

There I was told that I couldn't downgrade.

If I wanted a Birmingham and Black Country Faresaver then I would have to go to the agent who sold me the ticket, see if he would give me a refund and then buy a Faresaver.

See if he'd give me a refund?

There was no guarantee that he would.

But I was at the "head office". Couldn't they do it?

No. They didn't sell me the Metro card and they couldn't downgrade.

So I had to upgrade. I now have a Regional Travelcard which covers all the way to Coventry. And they quibbled when I handed over my debit card for a £2.50 transaction. I have so little money in my account, that I wasn't able to draw cash from my account.

All this and my Dad and Middle Brother are showing up on Monday for a couple of days work on the house. They're probably leaving on Wednesday. Maybe.

Great. That'll really help me be more productive. Dust, dirt, cooking, cleaning, washing up, errand running - I can see it now.

Will I find more temp work? Will I hear from any of the places I've applied to? Will Dad survive without being strangled?

Tune in next week and find out.