Saturday, 21 July 2007

I'm baaaaack!

I've spent the last couple of days in London with Dad. He went for a lumbar puncture and a chest CT scan on Thursday. The two procedures didn't take 2 hours altogether, but the whole day was spent at New Charing Cross in the Fulham Palace Road.

Dad is none too thrilled with the doctor he's been to see after his brain scan. Apparently there's evidence of atrophy. Due to alcohol abuse. The chest CT and the LP (spinal tap) were follow up examinations.

The LP took place at 16:15 and Dad was told to lie down for a couple of hours. I was supposed to go home on Thursday evening but that was out of the question.

I went round to MwK's and used the computer to book another ticket home for yesterday morning.

Cute Niece and Cute Nephew were there squirrelling away at each other and SiL was doing the housework. Cute Niece was excited about going to "big school" to see what that was like and Cute Nephew (who's 7 in August) was thrilled about his end of year school report. He has a reading age of 9 and he's top of the class in Maths.

Cute Niece won't sit or lie still for more that a couple of minutes and was covered in bruises. This is perfectly normal for her. At least once a week, the nursery asks her parents to sign an accident report form after her latest scrape, bang or bump.

She has been learning to ride a bike without stabilisers (she's tiny and 4) and even though she kept falling off, the nursery staff couldn't stop her from trying again and again until she'd mastered a two wheeled bike. Where did they find a bike that small?

I got home yesterday after only a half hour delay due to weather and roadworks. Then I had to go out and cash my Giro.

Then I had to visit HSBC and Nationwide and pay cash into both to cover direct debits. I've had about 19p in my HSBC account for about a week.

Then I popped into Sainsbury's to do a little bit of shopping and then I went home.

Then, as I went to top up my mobile, I found my 'phone had fiddled itself into silent mode and I found a missed ansaphone message.

Could I ring back and organise and interview for next Thursday?

Okay, I will. It will have to be first thing Monday. Before the 9:30 meeting with JobChange Leanne about writing a good cv. I'll probably ask about interview techniques as well.

Lucky it's Thursday, as I've got an interview and work based test on Wednesday in Birmingham City Centre at a place I've had an interview before. The place that's about 5 minutes walk away from where I used to work at The Big E.

And, of course, I'm signing on on Friday afternoon.

Wish me luck.