Saturday, 21 July 2007

Right and wrong

I have been to see an advisor at the Citizens' Advice Bureau. Ernesto is profoundly deaf and the BSL interpreter sat behind me within sight of Ernesto.

The meeting was awkward. He'd sign a question, the translator would ask me the question, I'd answer and the translator would sign my answer back. It took a lot of willpower not to turn around and face the translator.

I've got a further appointment with debt counsellors on 30th July.

I have been frantically filling in job applications and visiting the JobCentrePlus. Once you're unemployed, there is all sorts of help available including JobChange.

As long as the search is job related, all computer and printer use is free.

I've been using the library computer, paying to use an "internet cafe" in a run down shop in Broad Street and even hand delivering and faxing applications. Where has this place been before now?

I'm skint. I found out on Wednesday (on the bus to London) that my Giro cheque will be for £67.60. I delayed applying for benefits for no good reason and so they won't back date my claim. Four weeks unemployment and all I have to show for it is £67.60.

I asked them to reconsider, the trouble is I was on the bus and

a) didn't have any documentation in front of me and

b) didn't want to discuss my personal problems in front of a bus load of people

The lady told me that it was unlikely that my appeal would succeed but that the decision would be reconsidered.