Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Another possible job

I've applied on-line for a position in Darlaston.

I've been invited by Sarah to visit the employment agency in the Mander Centre.

I'm soooo looking forward to it.

For some months now, this place has been displaying a TO LET sign as they are shutting up shop to relocate to Dudley.

Sarah and I got on well. She asked me all the usual questions and was quite up front about not knowing a single thing about science.

It showed.

However, the position is for a science marketing position. A scientific supplies company are looking for someone to put together catalogues for schools and universities and they are interested in me.

It's £16,000 pa which is £2000 more than the job I've been offered, so I said I was interested and now all that needs to be done is sort out an interview and a time.

In between another interview with British Gas, a funeral and a weekend. I'm supposed to start work next week (Monday 3rd September). This should be good.