Saturday, 11 August 2007

Fun fun fun

I've been having a great time!

The radio station thing is fun. I've been shown how the station works, how to set up a studio, why the radio station still call the "click and drag" computer boxes "carts" (from the cartridges with handles that used to be used to play recorded music or interviews) and I have been stuck in front of a computer trying to write a script.

It's tougher than it looks.

There's a harassed looking man doing the training. He looks much older than me but I was shocked to find out he's six years younger.

There's a lot of sport going on. Team reports from non-league sides I've never heard of are planned in advance by a small collection of supremely keen young volunteers.

One guy is still only in his late teens but he's smart, funny, knowledgeable and very confident. He appears much older than his years as well.

There is also a very irritating news guy. He's doing a Masters degree in Media. He seems to be everywhere - sport, star chat, long rambling interviews with people, news - he seems to have no real means of financial support and he's a fully grown adult in his late twenties.

His live presentation is rubbish - all audible button clicks and misfades - but as he doesn't seem to have any job, he can afford the time to be at the station almost all day every day. He's taken over.

Meanwhile, life is moving at some pace for me. Even the training week was screwed up by a dentist's appointment. Instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - the training went Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon with a mad panic at around 2pm because I had to sign on at the other side of town at 2:30pm.

I had a great time at the station. I was continually complimented on my voice. That was embarrassing, actually. However, I even managed to listen to my voice for long enough to edit a three minute piece (03.00.068 minutes to be precise) about the local market.

The radio stuff is great, but it doesn't pay. I'd love to be long term unemployed or retired so I can volunteer, but I have a mortgage to pay. I must find work to pay the mortgage or else I'll lose the house.