Thursday, 23 August 2007

Great. Terrific.

I got a 'phone call today from Lisa at the head office of the charitable organisation who runs my Uncle's care home.

She had some startling news.

Uncle's care had been PCT funded under "Continuing Care" from 1st July 2003.

The Charity wasn't informed until 24th November 2004 when it received notification and a payment back dated till 1st July 2003.

This meant that Birmingham City Council owes my Uncle all the payments he made from the 1st July 2003 onwards.

As I have received and paid invoices right up until May 2005, that's a lot of money. A lot of money. Over £30,000, in fact.

I tracked back through the files and found the number for Birmingham City Council's billing section and got through to a very polite girl who couldn't find my Uncle's file.

She rang back much later and confirmed it all.

Yes. The care was PCT funded from 1st July 2003.

At first, she couldn't find the invoices that had been sent after that date. I had to prompt her with the invoice number of the last bill I was sent.

Ah. Yes. The invoices were sent out after that date.

Yes. She could confirm payments right up until May/June 2005.

Yes. She'd get on with organising reimbursement.

No fight. No mentioning of lawyers. Just a simple acknowledgement that errors had been made.

Scarily, there was no clue as to how such an error had been made. After all, £30,000 is a lot of money.

But, I look forward to the cheque arriving.

Then I can sort out how to repay the DWP all the Attendance Allowance that's owed.