Monday, 23 July 2007

No change there then

Well Leanne was a fat lot of help.

All I got from her were photocopied pages of the same generic advice that I can find in the Job Hunter's handbook, any job hunt page from any of the search sites I've registered with and any advice I've had from the Job Centre.

On the plus side - I was late for the meeting as I was 'phoning three different people to confirm interview details

Wolverhampton Nuffield private hospital (Medical Laboratory Attendant), OfWat (Information Analyst) and a third bunch (also Information Analyst).

Whoo hoo! Three interviews in one week. Actually, two interviews and one test battery.

After the "chat" with Leanne, I went upstairs and carried on with the job search. I've registered with so many agencies that I have to visit my e-mail at least once a day to stay on top of the spam and job alerts.

With, I can apply for loads of jobs in one day. keep sending Lab Tech posts from America (I really need to sort that), are, frankly a waste of time and so are

But. I've got three chances of a job this week!

Wish me luck!