Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Nope. Not this one either

I went to yet another job interview today.

I want to do finance and accounting I really do - the money they get for even part qualified AAT is great.

Forget job satisfaction just gimme da cash.

The trouble is, Selly Oak Hospital is flaming miles away and on about £14k pa the train season ticket would cripple me.

Selly Oak is a massive and confusing place. I've been there before hand delivering applications. That's for another post.

There is no direct train or bus to the place and it is miles away from Birmingham City Centre.

The day was hot and sunny, the trains were on time (£4.70 day ticket) and the shoes relatively comfortable.

I entered what I thought was the main entrance (no, it was the Outpatients entrance) and, after I'd been to the toilet, the nice lady gave me directions to the Finance building.

Down an access road, across the main car entrance, past the building for defence medicine, past people in army uniforms carrying clipboards, past the diabetes clinic, past some skin clinic or other, past the porters loading up the old milk float that passes as internal transport, past a lot of plant and maintenance huts and buildings, down between two buildings, past a bus stop for the internal shuttle bus, past some green lawns, past the smoking shelter and uphill to the big building in the middle.

I couldn't miss it apparently.

I got there eventually. On time even.

The interview went well, I thought. They asked questions, I answered them well, I asked intelligent questions and they answered them.

Including why interview me when I clearly had no experience of accounting or finance?

Well, they said. I ticked the disabled box.


The law says that if a candidate fits all the essential criteria for the post and ticks the disabled box, a recruiting employer is bound by law to interview the candidate.

The D(isability) I(nterview) G(uarantee) S(cheme) strikes again.

I'm up against experienced candidates who know what pivot tables are. Who know how BACS works. Who can reconcile ledgers. And it's not a training position.

It's extremely unlikely that I'll get this job, but they had to interview me anyway.


There I was dolled up to the nines and there was no chance of getting this job.

Still the interview went well.