Thursday, 30 August 2007

Not a hope

I went to the hairdressers. And guiltily spent some of Dad's money on a decent haircut.

Then I went to the interview. Well I tried.

The 126 bus stops just outside, Gaynor had said. I couldn't miss the British Gas building if I got off at the TraveLodge stop after Dudley.

After over an hour on the bus, I was not only late for the interview, I had severe doubts about whether this job was do-able at all. They wanted shift workers who could finish at 11pm. There was no way that was going to happen with this bus service.

I got off at the right stop and failed to identify the building that I "couldn't miss".

I found it.

The British Gas building I couldn't miss was clearly labelled

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I went to Reception and asked for Gaynor.

I apologised and said I was sorry, but I couldn't go for the interview. The journey out by public transport was just prohibitive.

Gaynor came down and escorted me up to the interview suite and we looked at the shift rota and the bus timetable and I declined again.

She thanked me for coming and I rushed off to the bus stop to get home for the journey down to the funeral.

I only just made it.

Once I got to London, Dad had a few errands for me to run. Of course.