Monday, 20 August 2007

One step closer

I had a meeting to start filling in the forms required for me to start work.

CRB, referees and an 8 page medical questionnaire.

I thought the meeting went well. I dressed smartly and was polite and joked that the questionnaire resembled "War and Peace".

It fell flat.

I'm going to have a serious think about what I put down on the form.

I hate these things.

If I put everything down in excruciating detail (which, thanks to the OCD, I feel I am compelled to do) then I doubt I'll hear from them again. However, if I'm less than completely honest and then require time off for something I didn't declare, then I could be fired.

Tenosynovitis affecting the major joints, plantar fasciitis affecting left foot, allergy to NSAIDs which has scuppered any treatment for it, asthma, eczema, depression, OCD, allergy to SSRIs and SNRIs which has scuppered that, gastric inflammation caused by the NSAIDs when I could take them, allergy to wasp stings, intolerance to shellfish, severe hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), dust and dust mite allergies (chronic perennial allergic rhinitis), severe adverse drug reactions to benzodiazepines and alcohol (no sedation or cough mixture) and slight problems affecting my eyesight (including colour perception).

Oh yes. I'm a spectacular catch.

The form asked if I had ever worked in particular workplaces (dusty, biohazardous, ionising radiations etc) I had to leave only two boxes unticked.

I expect this will cause me some trouble.