Thursday, 16 August 2007

Outward looking

My time is spent in some sort of limbo.

I've been offered a job but I'm unemployed. I must also be seen to be job searching. So even though I've got jobs to look for, I'm going up to the radio station to do my work experience.

It's terrific fun!

I've said that though, haven't I.

I suspect it's not just the fact that I'm meeting new people, or gaining new skills, or gaining confidence but the fact that I am getting out and actually doing something.

It makes a change from the constant job searching, filling in of application forms, printing of cvs and all the self absorption that one must submit to. Can I really do that? Do I really want to do that? Can I say I have "Advanced Excel skills"? "Excellent Office"? Or even "Brilliant Lotus"?

Looking through the job descriptions and personnel specifications (JD&PS) requires a lot of quiet soul searching and concentration.

And of course, there are the computers - where I not only research news stories but also try and keep the spam down in my Gmail Inbox.

I've filled in an application form for the local theatre. They've just finished a massive refurbishment and they're looking for ushers. With the £14,000 from the data entry role and the £19.43 per shift from the theatre, I could be financially very sound.