Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Right, let's see

I made a few 'phone calls.

Nicola told me the salary this time. £14,000. I said yes, I am definitely accepting the job.

Then, as soon as I put the 'phone down, I started frantic calculations. £14,000 pa means about £875 per month nett.

With no travel costs (it's within walking distance) it's just do-able, however that means I still won't be able to pay the repayment on my mortgage, I have to stick with interest repayments for now.

I'll stick it for about a year or so before starting to look for another higher paid job. Maybe.

The radio station is terrific fun. I love it.

I've even started reading the news. OOOOOOOhhhh.

The Visitor rang. She got in touch with the Nursing Home office and they told her basic stuff. There's a date in November 2004 when they were told by Birmingham City Council that Uncle was PCT funded under the "Continuing Care" scheme.

November 2004. I was invoiced until May 2005.

There was more. The Nursing Home thinks the payment that they received in November 2004 with the notification was a backdated payment.

Backdated from when?

They couldn't be sure at this point, but it could be as far back as July 2003.


The Nursing Home was in the middle of an audit and the woman at head office was going on holiday soon so they couldn't be sure until she and all the paperwork were back.

Visitor gave me some numbers to call and wished me well. She thought I should claim the money back from Birmingham City Council.

Great. More hassle.