Friday, 17 August 2007


I thought I'd got this radio news thing sussed.

Today, I gave my best and my worst broadcast.

I also got a 'phone call from Gaynor who wanted to know if she could bring forward the interview as she'd had a cancellation.

She was very impressed when I told her that I couldn't as I was about to read the news.

The worst broadcast was awful.

We're all volunteers in training. The technical guy included. For the last news broadcast before we went to sustain we had to change studios and take over from someone already broadcasting.

Tech guy was fine until he tried to fade out of the news to the studio. He left the IRN feed up. Instead of hearing myself, I could hear an intermittant beeping and adverts for the IRN feeder service. That was what we were broadcasting.

I pulled my headphones off to carry on reading but stuttered and stammered the rest of the 3 minutes even after he faded me up to broadcast. AAAARrrrgh.

So much for calm in a crisis.

Then there was the interview. Which I passed with flying colours and Gaynor and I agreed an face to face interview time for Thursday 30th August. 1:30pm

Then I had to move it down to the JobCentrePlus to sign on. I got there a little late and had to sit and wait to be called. Then I was asked about why I was late, it shouldn't be happening, it doesn't bode well. I really must keep an eye on the time.

I signed and showed the kid my job search booklet which he signed. And I was off home again.