Thursday, 26 July 2007

Things are looking up

The interview at the Wolverhampton Nuffield went a lot better.

They were friendly, I think I did well. I got there on time, answered the questions as well as I could, asked a few questions of my own and was shown round the labs where I would be working if hired.

Then, right at the very end, I was handed an application pack.


An application form, a complex and detailed health questionnaire (oh dear) and a CRB security form.


I filled in the forms but got stuck on the CRB referee.

Working for The Big E meant basic terrorist security clearance. This means detailing where you've lived for the previous 5 years, a list of all your immediate relatives, their dates and places of birth, their naturalisation certificate numbers if they're immigrants, and a long series of other questions, sometimes repeated in a booklet at least 10 pages long.

This was the first time I'd seen a CRB form. Four pages, with the most challenging question being give the name and address of someone who's known you for 2 years.


There isn't anybody.........

I'm quite a sad sack.