Sunday, 2 September 2007

Birmingham Ho!

Wolverhampton is dead on Sundays.

There are no internet facilities. I found this out when I looked up "Internet Cafes" in the Thompson Local and rang a private number which has been erroneously listed as the number for an Internet Cafe in Blakenhall.

I annoyed the guy twice as I assumed I had misdialled the first time.

So. To get the e-mail that Sarah sent me I had to go to Birmingham. The TrulyEverything Internet cafe was closed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, all the computers were shrouded by dust sheets and an Indian guy behind the desk was there telling people that he was closed.

When I asked where there might be another place to use a computer, he suggested the Central Library.

I told him that it was closed on Sundays.

So I tried OmegaSektor.

This is a computer games place - supposedly the biggest in Europe. There must be an internet section there.

There was. £1 for 20 minutes.

After all that, no. Sarah hasn't sent the e-mail.