Thursday, 13 September 2007

Great. More good news.

Still kicking myself over the interview, yesterday, I received a letter from the people who offered me a job.

Actually, it was a photocopy of the doctor's medical report with a compliments slip and a brief note that said

"Meeting Monday 17.0.07 @ 1.30pm"
Absolutely terrific.
The medical report made painful reading.
Dear HR Bod
This is a note to confirm that I interviewed and examined the above lady for pre-employment purposes on the 6th September 2007.
She presents with a history of the following notable ailments.
1. A long history of Asthma for which she has been prescribed appropriate medication.
2. A 7 year history of proneness to Depression for which again she has been prescribed appropriate medication.
3. Dyslexia which she assures me she accommodates for successfully.
4. A proneness to painful joints particularly her wrists and her elbows for which she takes and anti-inflammatory agent.
In spite of the above she reassures me that she has essentially a good sickness record.
Physical examination was overall satisfactory apart from finding her overweight for her age, height and frame size. She had good mobility and agility and there was no sign of gross disease in the joints of her upper limbs. Throughout the interview she spoke sanely and intelligently and displayed no sign of mental disorder which is encouraging.
To summarise whilst this lady's past medical history is a cause for concern she does appear to be overall in reasonable health and fit for employment. You will of course monitor her sickness absence record and I would suggest that if problems do develop that she is referred to me earlier rather than later. Hopefully this will not be necessary.
Lastly she is aware that when involved in periods of prolonged keyboard inputting that she should take regular breaks.
I hope this report is of value to you but if you have any queries regarding its content please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
I spoke sanely and intelligently?
Patronising bastard.