Monday, 10 September 2007

I did it!

I enrolled at college.

They don't keep the pictures from the last enrolment, so I had to have my digipic taken again for the ID card that dangles from a lanyard round everyone's neck.

Last year, I was a STUDENT, this year, I'm a LEARNER. The STAFF are still STAFF.

I paid £13. And felt guilty. Although with still no start date for the job, that guilt may well fade soon.

When I got home, I called Birmingham City Council about why I still hadn't heard from them about the money they owed my uncle.

I got put through to the right section eventually and the lady said she'd call me back after she'd found the file.

She called back.

The process is taking sooooooo long as soooooooo much money is owed. The amount (about £2000 more than I'd calculated) had to be checked, re-checked and authorised before a cheque was sent out.

Okay then.