Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I smell

My head has been itching severely for some time. I've even managed to draw blood.

I've ruled out lice - I regularly comb my hair with a lice comb and, quite frankly, I don't come into close enough contact with people to catch lice.


If it's not lice, then my dandruff must be turning malignant. I went to Boots, and, with a guilty heart spent some of the money Dad gave me on stuff.

My knicker department has been itching like crazy too. It must be the cheap detergents I've been buying whilst I've been unemployed.

Canestan and a small bottle of Polytar coal tar medicated scalp cleanser.

And it works.

The trouble is it smells,



well, tar.

And it carries on reeking long after I've rinsed off.

Now, wherever I am, I'm followed by the faint whiff of roadworks.

It followed me to JobChange where I photocopied my passport for an interview tomorrow and to the computer banks where I looked for a job on-line and accessed my e-mails.

What is it with spam? I don't want a Rolex, don't want to meet "hot girls", and really, really don't want to order pharmaceuticals on-line from dodgy Mexican web sites. but can I get a spam filter to understand this?

No. I cannot.

I am really, really, getting annoyed.