Saturday, 18 August 2007

No good news

I've been turned down for the Nuffield Hospital position. Remember, that's the one where they gave me an application form after the interview (which went really well).

I've also been turned down for the Theatre usher position. Almost by return of post. How much nouse does it take to sell programmes and show old biddies to their seats, for God's sake?

And another aunt has died.

She'd been ill for some time, so her death wasn't unexpected, but her funeral is Friday 31st August - morning.

That means I'll have to leave the British Gas interview, bomb it back to Wolverhampton, grab my case, get on the 16:15 coach to London, trot across London and make it back late so that I can get to the funeral.

And I'll bet Dad has a few things that need doing as well. He always does.

Great. More stress.