Saturday, 1 September 2007


I went home after getting the 10am bus from Victoria.

I emptied my case into the washing machine and went to Broad Street to check my e-mails. Nope, no sign yet of the e-mail that Sarah promised.

At some stage I'll enrol at college again.

As I'm unemployed, I'll be able to enrol for free. And I'll get an NUS card again.

Just the two courses. ECDL (again) and Web Page Creation. Don't laugh.

I became too anxious and depressed to carry on. Now I'm back on a more even keel, I should be able to cope.

The trouble with a lot of jobs I could be suited to is the fact that I have no web skills. I've never been responsible for updating a web site, never had to start one up or anything. Increasingly for Information Officer/Marketing Assistant roles, web page stuff is becoming key.

I just feel a bit guilty. I'll be unemployed when I enrol, but I'll get a job eventually. That's cheating, I suppose.