Monday, 3 September 2007



I rang Adecco and was automatically transferred to Dudley. Sarah wasn't in. I left a message for her to ring as soon as she did get in.

As I I struggled into my interview clothes, Sarah rang. The internet connection was down over the weekend [and Friday?] and she had just sent my e-mail. Good luck with the job.

With that kind of help, I'd need it.

I trotted across Wolverhampton to JobChange where I printed off the e-mail. Remember, it's only at this point that I found out names, addresses and so on. I always bring my A-Z with me so that I can find my destination and point to it when ever I need directions from anyone I ask.

And it wasn't Darlaston, it was Bilston.

I then trotted back across Wolverhampton to the bus station to try and find the bus that could get me there for, what, 10:45am?

It was gone 10am by the time I got there. Realising that the bus wasn't an option, I called a cab. The Asian sounding guy who took the 'phone call got confused when I said I'd be at the taxi rank, outside the Spar on Pipers Row. Where all the taxis were.

Where was that?

By the bus station.

Yes, but where was that?

We got there eventually.

I got there and the taxi dropped me off quite a distance away. Neither of us knew where the place was so he dropped me about half way down the road.

It was a long bleak road with industrial units, a dairy, a huge Tarmac site and dozens of shut down and/or derelict units.

The place was down an apparently residential road which was a kind of crescent. At the bottom of the curve, instead of houses was an industrial unit.

The interview went well. The Director and I got on well, we seemed to "catch each other's drift" and the interview finished with a quick tour of the place.

I got the feeling however, I wasn't what he was looking for. He admitted that the job was asking a lot of someone and I admitted that the position appeared daunting.

He also found an error in the dates on my cv. It was a genuine error, not a fib, but as the job would entail fact checking and proofreading, that was just awful.

I have printed out and sent that bloody cv out so many times, the mistake was just embarrassing.

I walked back. I was trying to save a bit of money after the taxi ride. It was an hours walk to my house with a detour via Dunelm Mills.

Where I spent more money I didn't really have on coat hangars and pink dye for my raincoat. It's starting to look a bit faded.