Friday, 7 September 2007

Places to go, people to see

I lay in.

After checking in at JobChange for the e-mails and and the on-line job search, I strolled out to the college to enrol.

The main hall was a sub-divided rabbit warren of desks and partitions with the different disciplines all in their own little cubby corner.

I signed up, spoke to the ladies in IT and filled in the enrolment form.

Then I was directed to the canteen, there the queue for payment snaked across the hall three times over.

I did not have time for that. I had to sign on.

After checking with an assistant that I could enrol tomorrow or Monday, I rushed off to the JobCentrePlus for my 14:30 signing on slot.

It was on my way there that I realised I'd forgotten my signing on book. This little booklet is crucial. It gives the day, time and rotation code to the benefits people who are then able to find the signing on sheet for each "customer".

I did, however, have proof of benefits and my passport for the college enrolment, so when I got to the JobCentre, I told the security guard/greeter and he produced a form for me to fill in and sign.

I "only" waited 20 minutes before etting my name called and signed on with a chap who seemed pleased that I'd been offered a job. Albeit over 2 weeks ago and with no sign of a start date.

After, signing on, I had a doctor's appointment at 15:40.

I was only a few minutes late. Honest.

The surgery is in parnership with the local hospitals and every now and again receives students. Sometimes they're baby GPs learning how to deal with ordinary patients let out for weeks or months at a time and occasionally they're baby doctors only let out for a few days with strict supervision.

This time it was a trainee GP. Would I mind signing here, here and here for confidentiality, agreeing to be seen by a student and being recorded?

Um. Okay.

He was fine, but needed the prescriptions to be signed by a proper, grown-up doctor.

He probably regretted asking me "So, how can I help you today?"