Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Resigned to my fate

Now I've accepted that I'm not getting the job I've been offered, I can get on and look for work.

Only trouble is, there isn't much out there that

a. I can do

b. Will pay me enough to keep the roof over my head


c. I actually want to do.

I'm desperate, but not so desperate that I'll apply to be a mobile handset sales consultant at Merry Hill (£5.52 ph) or a Laboratory Attendant in Tamworth (£12,000 pa).

Today I've

tidied paperwork that I don't need, filed paperwork I do need, disinfected the bin after the binmen came, returned my library books, posted a spent battery to the Sainsbury's recycling scheme, paid £2 in coppers into my Nationwide account, applied for a Laboratory Technician post in West Bromwich, arranged an assessment for a data entry keyer position for the Royal Mail and tonight, I'll be going to college for the first of my ECDL classes.

There's nothing like keeping busy.