Tuesday, 16 October 2007

20 years on

I went to the job interview up in Four Ashes. In theory, it's a simple straight run up the Stafford Road. In practice, it's in the next county with an infrequent bus service.

I think the interview went really well. They seemed friendly enough, I seemed to impress them with my research about the subject and I walked out of there thinking that I'm still in the running.

The only problem I can see is that the bus which will get me there runs once an hour. The 07:45 will get me there just in time for the 08:30 start. I told them that I got a taxi for the interview - but the bus would be no problem.

And they said that they had someone who had worked there before who used the bus.

Although the weather is getting colder, the weather was sunny and crisp. It's a pleasant ride down the Stafford Road, detour to Brewood, back to Coven and then back onto the Stafford Road into Wolverhampton.

When I got to the agency who sent me I tried going upstairs to the Technical section only to be told by the receptionist that it was closed. The ceiling had caved in one night and the Technical section had re-located to West Bromwich.

I rang the guy. He asked me how it went and I told him how I thought it went and we chatted for quite a while. All the while I was conscious of the credit on my 'phone running out. After the call I checked and found to my pleasant surprise that I stll had nearly £7 left.

I still need a new 'phone. The vibrate function has stopped working, the shell is full of dust making the camera fairly useless and the battery flattens in within two days.

To save a bit of money, I popped into the new agency I signed up with and told Young Man how I thought it went - but I also told him to keep looking for work for me as I have been in this position before.

You know, the position where I think everything has gone really, really well and I still don't get the job.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the so called "Great Storm" of 1987. So called because the storm was the worst to hit the South East of England in over 300 years. The South East (including London) is, as far as the media are concerned, the centre of the known Universe.

Never mind the fact that Scottish coasts routinely see this kind of weather every 30 years or so, this, The Great Storm is the worst EVER in living memory as far as the BBC is concerned.

2007 is a landmark year for me. 20 years ago I was just starting my first full time job - in a hospital.

20 years ago today, I had to bring a torch to work to help me see where I was going, dodge fallen trees and show up to the hospital which was running on auxiliary power.

The lights were on but, in my building little else was working. Someone had to be there to receive the spent krypton generators from the delivery drivers even if we couldn't send them out with any fresh deliveries.

It was weird. Shortly after the last driver left, I was sent home as we could do nothing until the main power supply was back.

There has been a lot of reminiscing about the storm. A local television station broadcast from YouTube - Coast to Coast (check the 80s style), A montage of BBC tv news clips (remember the old logos?), the Forestry Commission still mourns the loss of so many trees and this piece of indulgent drama 20 years on is really quite over the top.