Friday, 5 October 2007


I bought a Faresaver today in an effort to save money.

I sat on the 126 all the way from Wolverhampton to Birmingham with my cv in my bag.

Walked down Corporation Street to the Pallasades, handed in my cv with the brightest smile I could manage and went down to the train station for cash.

I joined the queue for one of only two machines working and got the machine that was only giving twenties.

Terrific. I had £120 left. Now I've got £100 left.

I bought a smoothie from Zumo and walked back out of the Pallasades and back up Corporation Street to the 126 bus stop. One was loading up as I got there.

I got back to Wolverhampton and got to the Job Centre. My 13 week review is due next time.

Great. At 09:20 Friday 19th October, I've got an appointment to see an advisor and if I can't explain what I've been doing to find work then I could lose my benefits and my National Insurance contributions.

There's an incentive.

I called Matt. Nope. Nothing. He was "busy with a client" but still didn't get back to me later.