Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Here we go again

I've still heard nothing from Matt from Randstad, so I'm guessing I haven't got the University lab job.

I've got an interview tomorrow at 2pm with yet another agency. The registrations are always the same.

As they interview me I am "amazing", "really good", "really easy to place" and all sorts of compliments.

I'm telling people that I left to get a wider work experience in more varied work places (not true), that I had done the same job for nine years (true), was getting really fed up (true) and couldn't be promoted (true), couldn't be moved sideways to a placement of my choosing (true) and really could do with a change (true - ish).

And I hear the same things over and over again - I'm doing the right thing getting different work experiences, that they'll have no trouble placing me and there are a number of jobs already on the books that suit me.

They make helpful, friendly, really keen noises and then I hear nothing from them again.

I'm registered with most of the agencies in Wolverhampton and I hear nothing - even when I ring and e-mail them to remind them I'm still here.

I have got to find something soon.

Matters aren't helped by the saga of next door.

Someone nicked next doors bin a few weeks ago. Next door threw rubbish into my bin. It was rank.

I'm fairly fastidious about even my wheelie bin. No "raw" rubbish gets put ito it - it always goes into a bin bag first. I washed out and disinfected my bin and then brought it into the front room so she couldn't do that again.

Yes. I know that sounds obssesive and insane. That's how I am.

After too many visits from too many unsavoury people at all hours of the day and night, Next Door left to live with her mother and her two children whom Social Services are taking an active interest in.

That hasn't stopped people knocking on the front door at all hours of the day and night.

A few days ago, I found a bin at the top of the road which had no markings on it. There's an off-licence at the top of my road, which is at the end of a terrace.

They have been doing some building work on the flat above the shop which has its side entrance in my road. A number of bins have been doing double duty as domestic refuse receptacles and, like the one I found, also as cement and plaster storage bins.

I nicked it. I then spent some of the precious money on a tin of paint. I marked it up with next doors number and used it for my rubbish.

The point being that I could make the house next door look like less of a burglary target by making it looked lived in.

Well, that plan backfired.

I left the bin out for the bin men.

About 7:30 this morning, someone came along to boot the crap out of the door. There were two voices - one deep, one high pitched and whiny. I didn't get downstairs in time to see who was there, but the curtain stuck to the inside of the front door had been pulled into the letterbox to help muffle the noise.

They must have thought there was someone in there because the bin had been put out.

After the binmen came, I washed out the bin and left it to dry.

I called the number the police gave me to report any such incident and then went off to JobChange.

On the way there, I met PC Teddy Bear. PC Bear is absolutely massive. Up and sideways. When he drives a normal police car he makes it look a bit like a pedal car. It's too small for him.

Today I saw him parked up beside the Dartmouth Arms pub and I stopped to tell him what happened earlier. He was in a people carrier. A much bigger car than the one I usually see him in and it seemed to be far more comfortable for him. He had to stretch to reach the notebook on the passenger seat beside him.

He told me that there had been a conference with Next Door, the Social Services and her mother and she had moved out. If anyone comes round could I keep an eye on them? If I hear anyone inside I had to call 999. Okaaaay.

We then got chatting about the bunch in Maxwell Road. I told him about the Bank Holiday where in an attempt to fix a broken window, the family had stolen the window from the house next door and were attempting to nail it in to the frame. I had been given an anti social behaviour diary to fill in, but they had turned very quiet. The anti social behaviour affecting me most was from Next Door.

They had probably turned very quiet as they had been given their marching orders. The police had finally found the landlord and had persuaded him to give the family their notice. He lived in Pendeford and couldn't give a toss about the place as long as the Housing Benefit was paid he was fine.

He won't be fine trying to let the place again, it's now a ramshackle pig sty.

We got chatting about the area and how Tesco had been able to get the planning permission they needed to start work on the old hospital site and how the area seemed to be picking up slowly.

At least, I said, it wasn't going to turn into Heath Town.

"Oh no," he replied, "I'm not going to let it get that bad!"

I thought that was quite sweet. The fact that he felt so responsible for the area that he didn't say "we" he said "I".

Gotham City has Batman in his Batmobile and we've got PC Teddy Bear in a people carrier the sized of a hearse stuck all over with logos and reflective strips.