Thursday, 4 October 2007

I don't feel very well

I haven't been in the mood for much lately.

I was too depressed to go to evening classes this week. That makes two weeks in a row.

I have been fighting a headache which left me going to bed early Thursday and Friday.

I've upped the dose on the lofepramine to 4 x 70mg per day, but it's going to take a little while to take effect.

Job Interview

There was an interview in a laboratory close to Birmingham University. I was told I'd get a call through the agency either Thursday or Friday.

The interview went well. The labs are spotless. The team is small and friendly and the hours not at all bad.

Birmingham City Council owe a lot of money

On the way out (Matt drove me there and back), Rosemarie called from Birmingham City Council.

Get this.

The Council are still trying to write the cheque out for the overpaid nursing home fees. They owe my Senile Uncle well over £30,000.

After his care was funded by the NHS on and after the 1st July 2003, they carried on sending the bills until the summer of 2005.

They have sent the bills to me.

They have addressed the bills to me.

They have happily accepted my cheques

from a Receivership bank account in my name

and signed by me.

So who do they address the cheque to?

That's right.

Senile Uncle.

I had to send the cheque back, with copies of the Birmingham City Council documentation that listed me as the debtor and they said they'd get it done as soon as possible.

It's now October.

Rosemarie, the Section Manager called me and asked me for the Court documents to prove my eligibility. Did I have access to a fax machine what with the Postal Strike coming?

I looked around Matt's car as we drove around Edgbaston.


I would have to post the documents to her as she had to see the embossed Court Seal anyway.

She seemed not to know what that meant but reminded me about the postal strike. This wasn't going to be a fast process. I told her again that I would have to post the documents to her - she had to see the embossed originals.

Then she asked me if I had a pen and paper handy.

I looked around Matt's car as we drove into the University campus.

No. Text it to me I said.

She did hours later, while I was in the cinema.


I went to see "Kenny". The agency was in Broad Street opposite the cinema so after the interview, I popped across to see what was on.

Kenny was funny in an understated, mock documentary kind of way. The weird part was his Dad. Swap the Aussie accent for an Irish one, the bleeding ulcer for a bad back and give him a shave and that's my Dad right down to the fear of hospitals.

Another job to apply for

As I was passing through the Pallasades shopping Centre to get to the trains, I spotted an advert for Optical Laboratory Technicians and walked in.

I was told I could pop my cv in and then I'd hear back. Okay.

So I went home, picked up everything I needed for the JobChange place, the original Receivership Order, the Interim Receivership Order and the letter that went with it explaining what it was.

I photocopied the letter and posted it with the two orders to Rosemarie at the new address in Birmingham.

It'll probably get to her by next Friday.

I then logged on to a computer, looked through all the emails and came across an Optical Laboratory Assistant job advertised on jobsite.

I applied online and printed off my cv in case they were for two different places.

There's nothing like being thorough.