Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I hate Owen Payne

I recently applied for a couple of jobs on the website. They were advertised by another agency called Owen Payne.

I got a call, thanking me for my application and asking me to register for the job at 2 o'clock today with a "consultant".

I arrived on time, as dolled up as I thought appropriate and was hacked off to find no one was ready for any interview. I was left in an overheated waiting area with a clipboard full of forms to fill in. The tricky one was the Health questionnaire. How many days off sick had I taken over the past two years. Um. Ooooooh. >30 days.

I filled them in and knocked on the door of an office when I finished. A young blonde girl came out, gave the forms a quick glance over and brought me into another office where we sat opposite each other at a desk.

Which job had I applied for?


They had advertised the job and must have noted the replies - why didn't she know which job I had applied for?

The data entry position.

There's only one data entry position, that's in Walsall and that's on hold. We're not recruiting for that job at the moment.


I wasn't happy and it probably showed.

On my way out I was fuming. Not fuming enough to ignore my fear of heights.

Owen Payne are in a set of offices in a Victorian block. You know the sort of thing, one door at street level leading up a flight of stairs with different offices on different floors.

To let light onto the lower floors, the landing was the kind of framed glass inset that one sometimes sees in pavements to allow light to the basements below the pavement level.

It's enough to trigger my fear of heights. I tiptoed across it.

Then I carried on flouncing out of there.