Wednesday, 17 October 2007


It was another bright, crisp winter's day when I got the 'phone call from the Technical guy from Extra Personnel.

No. I haven't got the job in Four Ashes either.

I presented well, I seemed to know my stuff, but there was the consideration of the buses and the fact that as I had worked for someone like The Big E, they weren't sure I was used to working to tight deadlines.

A lot of asbestos analysis is done with building projects in mind and not being able to work to short deadlines could mean expensive delays for clients.


Okay, then. Keep looking for me, won't you?

I went on to JobChange to adjust my cv one more time and that evening when I called Dad to see how he was he asked me about the interview.

When I told him that I hadn't got the job, he started to angrily ask me to look at myself. It can't be all the employers who are wrong.

Yep. I know.