Friday, 19 October 2007

Some people are easily impressed

The Asian guy I met for my 13 week review was sympathetic when I explained that I had a job at about 10am yesterday, had signed off in the expectation of starting today and lost the job at about 17:20 yesterday afternoon.

Apparently it happens all the time.

When I pulled out my expanding job application folder, he openly admitted to being impressed.

The folder is divided into a number of sections. The job adverts, jobs I'm still waiting for a reply from, jobs I've had interview for and jobs I've been outright rejected for.

That's more than people normally show him, he said.

Getting me back on the Signing on register was a matter of correcting a couple of fields on the database and although he couldn't find my signing on file, I could sign another bit of paper and he'd hunt down my file before it was processed. He'd ring me later and give me my new signing on time.

He did. It's going to be 11:20 2nd November 2007.

I went to JobChange. I looked for jobs and got kicked out with everyone else when it closes for lunch on Friday at 13:00.

It then opens at 14:00 and closes early at 16:30.

I spent the intervening hours wandering around the Mander and Wulfrun Centres. Like all the other unemployed losers before limping home via Sainsbury's reduced sections.