Saturday, 22 December 2007


According to our final letters recieved today, I have processed over 35,000 items of mail, maintained an average of 93.3% accuracy (that means "only" 2,345 items of mail were sent to the wrong country) and I was ranked 143 out of over 340. Not brilliant, not rubbish, not bad at all.

As well as the dodgy scanning technology, mis-feeds and opened wrappers, there were novelty inks, shiny papers, incorrect addresses, some truly terrible handwriting, rotten spelling and just sheer unfamiliarity with place names.

Just where is the Coaltown of Balgowrie? How many lls are there in Llangollellen? Is there really a place called Midsomer Parva?

If you don't think postcodes are important, then remember that there is a Perth in Western Australia as well as in Scotland. Don't get me started on Halifax.