Monday, 3 March 2008

I got a job again

I left it until the last minute to find the address of the Surestart centre on a map. It's barely in Wednesbury and almost in Walsall. The place can be accessed by one of two buses from Wednesbury bus station and it's in a very rough area.

I found it. It takes roughly an hour by tram and bus and and hour and a half by bus alone. However, there's a huge, brand new, Morrisons at the bus station and a Lidl not far from the centre. It's not exactly walking distance but I've seen worse.

The West Bromwich warehouse - that was very bleak.

The interview went well.

To paraphrase that old WWII phrase - a good job interview is one where you walk away with the job.

The interviewer was the deputy of the centre. He is extremely well spoken, not particularly fond of children but is aware that it is extremely important to look after them well and he gently took the piss out of my cv.

"Used to high pressure, deadline driven environments" - yeah, well, that's taken for granted these days and "excellent telephone manner" - I had to tell him that wasn't just my opinion.

He was, frankly, desperate to find cover for the last temp (he found a job) and for at least three women who were going on maternity leave. Although these women were "specialised" (Early Years workers and Health Visitors), they did a lot of their own paperwork which was going to get foisted onto their colleagues (as well as all the other work) if they couldn't find the admin staff to do it.

If they could find half decent Admin workers, then the remaining colleagues could take up the slack on the Early Years and Health Visiting side and someone else could do all the paperwork.


The Admin lady who was going to be giving me orders was wrapped up in the more specialised end of the Admin work with ordering, invoicing and specialist NHS and local council computer systems and was swamped already without all the data entry, typing, 'phone work and photocopying.

I had to tell him about some time off that I had booked. Next Monday afternoon I have a Doctor's appointment and the following week I need that entire week off for a trip down to London to help Dad out.

He said that was fine.

So, I start tomorrow 9am to 5pm with a 30 minute lunch break which has to be co-ordinated with the Receptionist and the Admin Boss Lady.

Woo hoo!