Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I stayed awake!

Today, I found that there is one way to make me stay awake in meetings. Make me be the minute taker.

Yep. I'm a proper admin assistant now, I'm a minute taker.

The Admin Boss Lady was so busy, that she didn't have time to do everything, she had to loosen her grip enough to let me free up an hour in her schedule. I've taken the minutes and written them up as well.

For the most part, I'm looking at safe sites on the Interweb, looking up Sure Start and the latest news, looking for jobs on the Reed web site and waiting for the 'phone to ring so I can take messages.

Staff are so thin on the ground that they are nearly all at case conferences, out home visiting or running classes, so I have to take messages and leave them in the appropriate pigeon holes.

I have never been paid to do so little before and it's embarrassing. After the Bakery where we were running flat out all the time to surfing the Interweb between 'phone calls - it's such a contrast.

The little project that I was given on Day 1 - to update the 'phone list - is done and I am pouncing on any little job that comes my way. I'm almost embarrassed to sit here and take the money.