Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's all worth doing.......supposedly by me

Today, I sat and watched as the photocopier printed off 800 newsletters. As they came out of the printer, I folded them in half ready to be put into envelopes.

And I watched.

I watched as the lady giving me instructions, failed to delegate a thing and replaced printer cartridges, unloaded paper jams, filled the paper drawers, replaced the staple cartridges, answered the telephones, took messages and generally did all the stuff I was supposed to be doing as well as doing all the stuff she was supposed to be doing and all this whilst filling her face with low calorie fruit and veg snacks.

She left dead on 17:00 leaving me with the guy who interviewed me to show me how to lock up.

I mentioned all thr fruit and veg around her desk and laughed as I pointed out that as much desk space was reserved for fruit teas, low calorie hot chocolate, baby plum tomatoes, apples, pears and gum as it was reserved for work.

He became deadly serious.

The Lady Who Gives Me Orders has done remarkably well on her diet, he told me. She has had numerous problems which she is still trying to resolve and has lost over 7 stones on her WeightWatchers plan. I really shouldn't poke fun at her eating habits as her weight loss means a lot to her.

I took that as a friendly warning not to mention anything to her.

Oh goody.

I'm not the only mad bag working here.