Friday, 29 February 2008

So Long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehn. Goodnight.

Well. That went well.

Today was my last day. I got a leaving 'do' with free food and gifts, a lovely "Thank You" card and, later, I got a floor level tour of the bakery.

More than one person said they were sorry to see me go and that it was a pity that there wasn't a permament job for me.

It was overwhelming. They really were the nicest bunch of people that I've ever worked with. I left a cv and a speculative letter with the HR lady - just in case.

The biggest thing I'll miss is the food. Every time there was a meeting, there was food. Waaaaay too much food for any one meeting. The leftovers would be trolleyed in to our office and we could nosh away between 'phone calls.

There was always a selection of filled rolls. The meetings came with a charger loaded with a small mountain of filled bread rolls. The fillings were a little meagre sometimes, but there were always plenty of rolls to choose from.

There was always a huge catering bowl of crisps, plates of sausage rolls, cheesy rolls, sausages, curry flavoured rolls and cake slices. Oh, and a pitcher of orange juice. And different kinds of fruit.

Then there was the cheap bread. 35p per unit with 3 units a day. At the end of every shift, almost every employee would walk away with their three bags of bread. Even the OH Nurse, when she visited would try to pull a heavy suitcase of equipment, lug a huge and awkward shoulder bag and try and hold onto her three large Toasties as well.

How in the world my supervisor has managed to lose all that weight whilst sticking to such a strict diet is beyond me.

Late in the afternoon, I managed to get a 'phone call out to Reed. Was there another job starting next week?

The only job they had in was in a local SureStart. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I arranged an interview for Monday morning.

I wasn't too nervous when I locked the door for the last time at 17:00. After all, there was a possibility of another job next week.

Even though the work was fairly tedious and monotonous here, I'll miss the people. They're a good crowd.